Shamsee is dumb
Shamsee is dumb.

Cast of Characters

Shamsee character image


Our loveable scoundrel is back again! After paying off the Blighter in A Fistful of Lunars (and totally unaware of the aftermath of his shenanigans), Shamsee decides to take a break and heads South to Oakstand. Not any wiser, not any stronger, still lacking in plans for the future, we follow our protagonist into Lone Idiot and Cub.

Blue character image


A mysterious child Shamsee (literally) stumbles across just outside of Oakstand. Pretty quiet, for a kid. Shamsee should be suspicious of anyone that eager to hang out with him, but he isn’t and so their misadventure unfolds.

Mysterious Shadowy Man in the Woods character image

Mysterious Shadowy Man in the Woods

The mysterious man who seems to watch Shamsee and Blue head towards the town. What’s with the rope, homie? Who is he working for?

Keric & Dil character image

Keric & Dil

The two guards at one of the gates of Oakstand. Friendly enough, until you forget you’re going to Dil’s mom’s for dinner.

Summoner Sal character image

Summoner Sal

Did you know there is magic in the Valley of Ten Crescents? One of the types of magic done in the Valley is Summoning, a tradition passed down from one priestess to the next. Sal is one such Summoner, skating the line between the sacred and secular as she calls forth spirits in the name of the Goddess. Don’t let the holy schtick fool you. Sal’s serious about her show.

Wet character image


Mistress of the brothel in Oakstand, part-time physician. Knows a lot about kidnapping.

Sudsy character image


Owner of a bathhouse. Bubbly personality. Get it?!